Saturday, February 9, 2013

Laugh Out Loud!

There's nothing like a good laugh to lift your spirits. I am sure you're thinking, "like dah". But you know, when you are feeling down, it doesn't occur to you that something so simple can make you feel better.

Dr Judith Orloff has this to say about laughter, "True laughter is a surrender to hilarity; a sound, a smile, a heart opening. You feel it in your chest, or your whole body may shake. Also, notice that prior to a joke, there’s an air of expectation, a subtle shift in consciousness and attention, the promise of mood transformation."

Watch a comedy. Not something mildly humorous. Find something hilarious. Find something so ridiculously side splitting that you will laugh out loud.

Why not check out stand up comedians on You Tube. A comedian's job is make you laugh and laugh til your face hurts. 

Louis C.K. Chewed Up (2008)
I was perusing the net when I came across Louis C.K. Chewed Up (2008). He is a bit vulgar but you know that can be funny. He covers several topics that I can relate to. Just check it out then let me know what you think.

Or maybe you have a favorite comedian you would like to share.

Sorry, I have to stop for a sec to laugh. He was just talking about his five year old daughter trying to tell him a secret. LOL

Boy can I relate. My granddaughters are so funny when they try to tell me a secret. First they really don't know how to whisper. The neighbor next door can hear them. I brace myself for a blast in the ear then Faith says, "Grandma, I want to tell you a secret." I am wincing and pulling back so she puts her little hands on my checks so I can't get away as she "whispers" to me again. "Grandma, I want to tell you a secret." And that is usually her secret. She's so cute. 

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?


  1. I like to watch Adam Sandler when I'm sad.

    1. Adam Sandler is funny - especially the more recent shows.

  2. I love stand up comedy, especially the British stuff. I've always found Russell Howard to be utterly hilarious!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Kellie. I'll have to check out Russell Howard this afternoon. I could use a good laugh. Actually pretty much any time is a good time for a laugh. LOL


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