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Seven Paths - Lesson 6

This lesson of Seven Pathways to Freedom is called Taking Action.

So now I am looking and I am waiting to take action.

I got nothing. However I do know that I have trouble with the big stuff. Little stuff is different.

For example, I barely notice when I visualize my parking place because it has become second nature. I have a parking space for my regular shopping grounds. I never worry about parking because I know my space is there open and free for my taking.

Another example. Two days ago my oldest daughter was saying she had just bought the game Hungry Hippos and told me how much Lexi was enjoying it. I am always on the look out for fun, entertaining pass times for Faith and Sidney. Hungry Hippos would be great for them. I want one. 

Today we were out "second hand" shopping. I don't usually look at the games because I have not had great luck when purchasing used games - pieces are usually missing. But today while I was waiting for Faith to finish up in the washroom, I wandered over to a near by section to browse and pass the time. I looked up, and there was Hungry Hippos.

What a coincidence! I had to buy it. It cost three dollars. It is missing twelve marbles but that can be easily replaced. I just have to go to a dollar store. 

Faith and I played the game tonight with just eight marbles and we had fun. It is so nice to see her laughing like a crazy child. It was definitely worth the three dollars.

I wonder if Hungry Hippos is a popular game stocked at second hand stores, as I said before I don't look in that department. Even so, it was kinda magical to look up and see it there staring at me, calling to me, buy me. I took action. I bought it.

Since we are on the subject, I can think of many other occasions where I wanted something, visualized it and by some weird coincidence it appeared.

Let me think. I like eating submarines. Yum.There is a vacant lot two blocks from work. I want a sub shop there so I can just walk over any time I want to treat myself with a sub for lunch. Well they have started construction in that vacant lot and guess what business is going in the strip mall? Yep. A sub shop. Yahoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't wait.

And there's the friend that I haven't seen in a long time. i am thinking about her. Visualizing talking to her, laughing and having a grand time. The next weekend she drops by for a visit. When I say drops by, its not like she lives close by and my house is on her way to someplace else. She lives in  a different city about thirty minutes away. Yes Sharon I am talking about you. By the way, we did do some side splitting laughing during that last visit and it was great seeing you.

Maybe I am off topic here. My examples are more about lesson five - noticing the signs and coincidence. 

I did however did take action with the Hungry Hippos. I took the chance on a used game and even though it wasn't perfect, it was plenty good enough to give us a good time. Am I right?

Taking action. Taking action. Help me here. I have taken action. I do take action. When I really want something and there are signs telling me I am doing the right thing. Because it does feel right and good. How else did I become HR Manager with no formal education in this field. I have credits towards an accounting designation not HR or Health and Safety. Although I have to toot my own horn to say I saw a need in a company that I worked for, and trained myself. I asked the right people for guidance and answers. I read everything I could on the topics and still do to keep current. I firmly believe that work experience can equal formal training and I am proof of it. 

What's that saying? By George I think she's got it! I hope I am not embarrassing myself by repeating a saying completely incorrectly like when someone sings a song and has all the lyrics wrong. I hope someone tells me if I did write it down wrong.

Do you have any examples of "coincidences"? Or signs that called for you to take action in order for your visualization to become reality?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Seven Paths - Lesson 5

Lesson Five of Seven Paths to Freedom is called, "Coincidence?"

Curtis Rivers says, "You see, there is no such thing as coincidence.

've known this for some time, that 'everything happens for a reason' but never fully understood my role in the process. I didn't always realise how coincidences were 'signs' keeping me on course to the life I wanted to live."

Now that we are meditating, visualizing, using all our senses and feeling grateful, we must watch for signs. You may think these signs are coincidences but remember there is no such thing. 

Here, Curtis says is the important part of creation. "A lot of people use visualisation and imagery in their goal setting, and some even take that to a place of deep contemplation each day, sowing the seeds to turn those thoughts into real life. However, many fall short of realising their dreams, by failing to 'observe'. Others take many, many years to achieve their dreams, when they could have done so in a fraction of the time, had they listened to their intuition, and recognised the coincidences and synchronicities beginning to show up in their lives."

I am going to tell you a little story now. I was eighteen and living with the boyfriend. He managed to find employment but me on the other hand, couldn't land a job so the financial responsibility rested solely on his shoulders. 

I felt bad, but what could I do? 

I was so shy back then. I couldn't look anyone in the eye at all. I couldn't get my voice to pass the lump in my throat. I had no skills. Needless to say, interviews did not go well for me.

I didn't know what to do.

Then one day, I ran into a girl that I knew in high school.  We were in the same art class. We use to draw silly pictures and giggle our way through class until she just wasn't there anymore.  

asked her how she was doing and what she was up to. Turns out she "got pregnant" and left school to have her baby. Donna was working full time as a graphic artist in town. She attained the skills from a course called Commercial Art that she took at Mohawk College. She received money for her bills, a transportation allowance plus all the supplies were provided. 

Sounded great to me. A dream come true. Art, drawing, creativity and getting paid to do it? Wonderful.

I booked an appointment at the Employment Office and met with a counselor.  I explained what I wanted and before I knew it I was applying at the College.

Applicants were required to submit illustrations. No problem. I got in.

The course was ten months long. I made a few friends and finished top four of my class.

One or two months passed by. No prospects.

I kept in contact with a couple of classmates. I can't remember exact numbers but I think five or six of the twenty students managed to get jobs as graphic artists. 

One of those people gave me a call. Marty was working full time for a company called the Stencil House. He had put in his notice and would be starting a new job within a few days. The company still needed a graphic artist and he thought of me. Marty told me to grab my portfolio and get my butt into Hamilton.

Okay. I was still painfully shy but now I had skills. Interviews were still not one of my strong points.

The next day I received a phone call from one of the owners of the Stencil House. I got the job. He told me I was too quiet but my portfolio got me the job. 

Yahoo. Thank you!

I was originally hired to take designs and draw them out as stencils. I was a natural. I whizzed through them in no time.

The owners were so impressed that they trained me to digitize the drawings - a task that was not previously shared with anyone else.

Then I created magazine adds, display maps, samples, new lines of stencils. They kept me busy. The company quickly outgrew the dilapidated building and moved to a larger, new facility. My designs lined the walls. I mustered up the courage, took a deep breath and asked for a raise. 

No? What the heck? I quit. No fear. I knew something would show up.

A few days later, I was at Jackson Square shopping when I ran into my ex-boyfriends best friend, Phil. I hadn't seen him in months. He only had time for a quick chat. We exchanged small talk and I explained how I just quite my job. He told me that his sister was giving her notice at her job as Advertising Co-ordinator at Goodwill Industries. He told me I should apply.

I called Goodwill the next day and set up an interview. I fixed up my portfolio to include some of the work that I did at the Stencil House. I went to Minute Man Press to have my resume updated. (Greta was such a sweetheart. She did it at no cost.)

Okay. I was still painfully shy but now I had skills and experience. Interviews were still not one of my strong points.

Guess what? I got the job. Jacqueline told me that I was too shy but my portfolio was excellent.

I think I will end my story here.

Was it coincidence that I should run into Donna? Was I just lucky that the employment program was still being offered through EI? Or that I could get paid to go to school? Was it coincidence that Marty thought of me? Or that I ran into Phil just as I quit my job and was in need of a new one?

You be the judge. What do you think?

Do you have your own story to share?

Inspiration from Deepak Chopra

I have to be completely honest, I had never heard of Deepak Chopra until I read The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. 

But who is Deepak Chopra? 

This is what I have read, Deepak Chopra is:
  • World-Renowned Mind-Body Healing Pioneer
  • Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California
  • Spiritual Philosopher
  • Writer
  • Alternative Medicine Practitioner
  • Physician
  • Public Speaker
  • Writer
  • Holistic Health/New Age Guru

Wilkipedia has this to say about Dr. Chopra: "He is a controversial figure. According to a 2008 article in Time magazine, he is "a magnet for criticism", primarily from those involved in science and medicine. His critics accuse him of creating a false sense of hope in sick individuals which may keep them away from effective medical care.

Chopra has written more than 65 books, including 19 New York Times bestsellers. His books have been translated into 35 languages and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Chopra has received many awards, including the Oceana Award (2009), the Cinequest Life of a Maverick Award (2010), Humanitarian Starlite Award (2010), and the GOI Peace Award (2010).

I would like to share a quote by Deepak Chopra.  “To experience gratitude is the most effective way of getting in touch with your soul. When you are in touch with your soul you eavesdrop on the wisdom of the universe. You feel connected to everything in creation. You embrace the wisdom of uncertainty and you sense your Self as a field of infinite possibilities. Gratitude is the most effective way of getting there. The reason is because when you are experiencing gratitude, ego moves out of the way. You can’t have ego and gratitude at the same time, Only one.”

Free Printable

I hope you enjoy this printable.

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Oprah Winfrey on Gratitude

Hi again everyone.

Who doesn't love Oprah? I respect and admire her.

You might want to put this on the fridge or somewhere else you can see it frequently. Enjoy the printable. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Willie Nelson on Counting His Blessings

Here is a nice free printable to hang on your inspiration bulletin board. Enjoy!

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Free Printable 2013 Monthly Calendar

Feel free to save and print my calendar. Each month features a photo taken by me.
Designed to be printed as a 5 x 7, would look good in a picture frame either on a desk or table top, or mounted on the wall!

Re-Purposing Vintage Housewares

Vintage housewares are strong, durable, beautiful and surprisingly multi-functional. Once washed the possibilities are endless! Not to mention, re-purposing old items helps the environment by keeping them out of the trash and giving them new life. And just to get your imagination flowing here are a few examples for you to consider.

Vintage green chip and dip bowls
from Little Shop of Treasures

Chip and Dip Bowl Sets:

*  Fruit and Yogurt Bowls
*  Mail and Key / Catch All for Front Hallway
*  Face Cloths and Q-Tips
*  Necklaces and Earrings
*  Plant Holders
*  Veggies and Dip

Vintage Pottery Ashtray
from Flea Market Floozie


*  Candy Dish
*  Jewelry
*  Salt Cellar
*  Peanuts
*  Place Used Toothpicks From Appetizers
*  Candle Holder
*  Soap Dish
*  Water Colour Bowl



    Vintage Carafe
    from Habit Schmabit


    *  Vase
    *  Juice Jug
    *  Watering Can for House Plants
    *  Fish Bowl

      Vintage Cupcake Stand
      from Zoestoys

      Cake and Cupcake Stands:

      *  To Hold Jjewelry
      *  Desk Organizer
      *  Hold Condiments on Table (ex. salt and pepper shakers, ketchup, vinegar, etc.)
      *  Organize Make-Up and Nail Polish
      *  Center Piece for the Table with Festive Decorations
      *  Candles Tray
      *  Organize Sewing Materials (ex. thread, needles, bobby pins, etc.)
      *  Paint Palette

        Vintage sewing drawer
        from Solstice Home

        Old Drawers and Crates:

        *  End Tables
        *  Storage Containers for the Linen Closet
        *  Magazine Rack
        *  Toy Bin
        *  Hang on the Wall as a Shelf
        *  Put Wheels on it for Under-the-Bed Storage
        *  Shallow Drawers can be Used as a Serving Tray
        *  Make it into an Ottoman!
        *  Balcony Planters

          1960's Record Organizer
          from Madamexpresents

          LP Record Stand:

          *  Mail Sorter
          *  File Sorter
          *  Magazine Rack
          *  Desk Organizer
          *  Dish/Plate Storage
          *  Children's Book Organizer

          Vintage mason jars
          from Catfish Jar Rescue

          Mason Jars:

          *  Pen and Pencil Holder
          *  Utensil Holder
          *  Food Canisters
          *  Organize Kids Crafts (ex. pipe cleaners, stickers, googly eyes, etc.)
          *  Plant Holder
          *  Vase
          *  Bathroom Organizers (ex. q-tips, cotton balls, toothpick/floss, etc.)
          *  Candle Holder
          *  Drinking Glass
          *  Spice Jars
          *  Child's "Piggy" Bank

          Seven Paths - Lesson 4

          This lesson from Seven Paths to Freedom by Curtis Rivers is called Gratitude. Not just gratitude for the life you have imagined but gratitude everyday under all circumstances.

          If you have been following my blog, you would know that I read Rhonda Byrne's book The Magic which is all about gratitude and I completed the assignments from each chapter. 

          If you haven't read any of those posts you can start at the beginning, The Road to Inner Peace and Happiness.

          If you are familiar with the concepts of gratitude then you are ahead of the crowd and know how to implement it into your meditation/visualization.

          Many people do take their lives for granted. They don't stop to feel grateful for what they have here and now. They seem to hold back their happiness for some day in the future. 

          Have you ever heard someone complaining about their weight then say, I will be happy when I lose ten pounds? Or things will be better when I get that raise? I'll be happy once I get the house renovated.

          Wanting more is good but at the same time you need to be grateful for what you have right now. Be grateful for your health, for having a job, for your home.

          Feel grateful. Feel happy. You have so much to be happy about. Look around you. You are alive. People love you and like spending time with you. Are you grateful for the opportunity to use the internet and computer right now? 
          My Family in 2012

          I look around and can list so many things I am grateful for. My granddaughters playing on the other side of the room. My daughter who is doing dishes. The sparkling Christmas tree. My comfy couch. The heat in our home cause it is really cold outside. The food in the fridge. The phone ringing. The clean fresh water we have access to all the time. 

          Everything, every occasion, everyone gives you an opportunity to feel gratitude - happiness. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

          Don't misunderstand me. My life is not perfect. I could grump and complain, and sometimes I do, but over all, I choose not to.

          I could freak out because my granddaughters are making a big mess with their toys over there. But why would I? Messes can be cleaned up. They aren't hurting anyone. They are enjoying themselves. And am I grateful for that. Their happiness is contagious.

          So what is all this discussion about gratitude and feelings? I will let Curtis Rivers explain. "Introduce gratitude into all of your daily visualisations, and watch the magic happen. It WILL happen, that's what is so exciting about this course, and about my book - this is REAL. It doesn't' just work 'some of the time' it works all of the time, 24/7 - by natural laws of the Universe. It was designed that way."


          It is a wonderful life.

          What are you grateful for?

          2013 Calendar

          FREE Printable

          Hi everyone. I would like to offer to you this colourful, pretty 2013 calendar. 

          This year is quickly coming to an end and very soon we will be welcoming in 2013.

          I look forward to the new year because all new beginnings bring limitless opportunities. 

          I love bright colours and flowers. They lift my spirits and brings me great joy. I adore this picture of a purple cone flower that my daughter took from our garden. I played around with the colours, added a calendar and viola - a constant reminder to be grateful for the beauty all around us. I hope you enjoy the free printable.

          I wish you all happiness, health and prosperity in the year to come.

          2013 Year at a Glance Calender

          I am Grateful for All the Beauty Around Me.

          2013 Flower Full Year Calendar

          Hi everyone out there in vintage land. This year is quickly coming to an end and very soon we will be welcoming in 2013.

          I look forward to the new year because all new beginnings bring limitless opportunities. 

          I love bright colours and flowers. They lift my spirits and bring me great joy. I adore this picture of a purple cone flower that my daughter took from our garden. I played around with the colours, added a calendar and viola - a constant reminder of the beauty all around us. I hope you enjoy the free printable.

          I wish you all happiness, health and prosperity in the year to come.

          Thursday, December 20, 2012

          Seven Paths - Lesson 3

          Today's lesson from Curtis Rivers' free course, Seven Paths to Freedom, is called Focusing the Image. I definitely need help with this one. 

          I can create vague images in my mind and enhance them by adding emotions. I FEEL happy. 

          But the images are  still vague to me. I wonder what I have been doing wrong or is there something I am missing?

          Lesson two answers this question. 

          More practice.  Practice makes perfect. Use or lose it. Well, in this case, you may not have used that part of your brain; that part that creates vivid images in your mind so you need to work at it and with time the images will become clear.

          Using all your senses. This will sharpen the image in your mind.
          • What do you hear? Are they kids laughing? Birds singing?
          • What do you smell? Cookies baking? Flowers? 
          Unfortunately or should I say fortunately my sniffer is broken. Intense scents, I can smell, otherwise it is a blank. A couple of weeks ago, for some reason, I could actually smell just about everything. It was so weird. I did not like it. How can people go through life smelling all these odors and fragrances? They were leaping out at me from everywhere. Invading my senses. Much of it was not pleasant. Made my stomach turn. Not good at all. Thank goodness it didn't last more than a day. What a relief it was to be back at my odor/fragrance free life.
          • What do you touch/feel? The warm sunlight on your skin? Cold metal in your hand?
          • What do you taste? The fresh, hot out of the oven cookies? 
          • Lastly use your sense of awareness.
          I will try again.

          I am getting out of my red shiny Impala. I love that car. I hear the sound of my feet hit the driveway.
          I take a deep breath of the fresh air and look up at my house. I hear the car door close and I walk up the sidewalk to the front door. The sound of my heels click click click follow me.

          I reach out and grasp the cool metal door handle and give it a twist to the right. The colour on the front door matches my car. I don't know why that colour brightens my spirits but it does so I have it sprinkled throughout my house.

          The foyer is brightly lit and I have a smile on my face as I anticipate my granddaughters rushing to see me. I call out, "Hello."

          Sidney comes running and collides into me as she yells, "Grandma!" Her little arms wrap around my legs and I lean forward to try to squeeze her.

          Just as Sidney loosens her grip on me, Faith, comes running up to me and gives me a great big hug. "Grandma, I missed you." "I missed you too."

          I kick off my sling back shoes and step onto the cold ceramic tiles. I love the way my bare feet feel on the smooth clean floor.

          Actually my little piggies wish they could always be naked in the fresh air. Socks are so confining.

          My little angels have already run back to the kitchen. 

          With each step towards the kitchen, the sound of my daughters talking and laughing gets a little louder. I can smell the banana bread baking in the oven. As I enter the kitchen we exchange hellos. I look around and FEEL so blessed.

          I notice some white fluffy towels on the floor because the girls were swimming again. One of our favorite past times. We have an indoor heated pool - a dream come true. I can't tell you how many wonderful hours we've had in the gorgeous pool. 

          I promise to go for a dip after supper.

          I walk upstairs to my bedroom and change into some casual clothes. My room is so relaxing - a true retreat for unwinding. I love, love, love my room. That colour again that brightens up my day.

          After taking a few minutes for myself, I work my way downstairs to my art studio/home office/rec room/exercise area.

           I check emails and stop myself there because I know time flies once I get on the computer. It is the weekend and I promised my girls to spend time with them.

          I look around and feel so grateful. I have large canvases holding paint that I put there. Someone has already bought that picture. 

          Over in the corner is a work station that my girls and I sit at and create all kinds of fun items. 

          In the opposite corner is a area dedicated to exercising. Everyone in the family takes advantage of that space.

          My heart leaps as I scan the walls which are covered with pictures of my family and the trips we have been on. 

          There are awards and letters of gratitude for my volunteer work and donations to various charities. My daughters insisted on framing and hanging them. 

          I go back to the kitchen and they are cleaning up. I look out the window at the four nearby houses that belong to Beth, Nicole, Christina and my Mom. 

          Its fantastic that my granddaughters can run over to see me whenever they want.

          Some of my fondest memories are of my maternal grandfather spending time with me. He made me feel important, loved and accepted. I wish I could have seen him more.

          I walk past the great room. It is a warm welcoming space which I enjoy everyday with my girls. Another wave of happiness flows through me.

          I go through the patio doors that leads to the deck and garden. I give a quick wave of my hand to Gary. He is sitting there with my son-inilaws doing whatever guys do.

          I have a huge garden filled with large blossom flowers. The colours are so vibrant and the fragrance mild and beautiful. I stir up the scent of mint as my fingers gently run over the plants.

          I look up and admire the cyan blue sky and fluffy white clouds. I savour the moment because I feel so grateful and happy. A rush of inner peace overwhelms me.

          I glance back around the garden. 

          My granddaughters get so excited when they see a fruit or vegetable ripe for the picking. 

          The cucumbers are doing great this year.

          This time was a little easier. I included the six senses. Nope. I lied. I missed taste. Tomorrow I will taste the banana bread. Yum. Can I have mine loaded with chopped up walnuts? 

          If I am going to be completely truthful, I have to admit that once I stepped into the house, I felt a pang of anxiety and I wondered how am I going to maintain all of this? I let the thought roll by as suggested in the lesson and continued with my vision. The self doubt was there haunting me. I don't know why.

          Maybe someone could enlighten me. What could that barrier be?

          How have you been doing with the lessons?

          To read the today's lesson, you can sign up for Curtis Rivers' Seven Paths to Freedom Course at

          Wednesday, December 19, 2012

          Seven Paths - Lesson 2

          This lesson from Seven Paths to Freedom by Curtis Rivers is called Planting Seeds in the Subconscious. Lesson two is pretty long. There is a lot of reading but is boils down to a couple of concepts: how to delete the barriers/negativity in your mind that prevent you from reaching your goals; and how we must empty our minds of all the day to day activities that are distracting us from our dreams.

          "The only true way to change your future" he said, "Is to learn how to use your mind correctly in the present.

          In order to use your mind as it was intended, you're going to have to learn how to quieten the mind - get rid of the noise, the internal chatter, and the constant distractions fighting for your attention.

          The first step - is relaxation. Through relaxation and correct breathing, you can quieten the mind, ready to transform your life."

          Excerpt from Lesson 2

          I have tried to meditate in the past.   

          Relaxing is not my problem. I can close my eyes and block out the sounds and commotion around me. I get so relaxed that I nod off and my muscles twitch. 

          I  imagine a beautiful vibrant blue sky and the clouds drifting by. This image is immediately soothing because it brings back fond memories.

          I can clear my mind for a few moments then a thought pops into my head. I shoe it away and get back to the meditating only to have another thought intrude.

          I become annoyed with those interruptions and frustration overcomes my serenity. 

          Blurry Image in my mind of my future home.
          I of course am too hard on myself. Apparently everyone has the same difficulties when they first start to meditate. I just need more practice.

          My other problem is the fact that I become annoyed with the interruptions when I really should "just let those thoughts drift by the screen of your mind, like you watch the clouds drift by over your head. They are not spoiling your view of that beautiful sky, they were not invited by you, but are just there, passing by - they just 'are'."

          Armed with that helpful tip, I will try - no I will successfully meditate this evening before bed. And, I will add mediation, twice, on my list of daily routines.

          To be honest, I never even thought to use meditation to quiet my mind to use the law of attraction. I use it to rid myself of stress, remove negative thoughts and regain my center - my happy place. Although, I can see how it would be helpful to enhance the law of attraction- after all it's about being clear isn't it.

          Curtis Rivers says in Lesson 2, "We form a thought, we give it power, we intensity it in our minds, and we do so often. These are the first stages of creating the life of your dreams. These two aspects, of quieting the mind and forming a clear picture and feeling of what you want, are like the match lighting the kindling in a dry wood.

          Over the coming lessons, I'm going to teach you how to fan those flames, so the small kindling fire becomes a raging, unstoppable forest fire - eliminating all self doubt, all perceived obstacles and fears, and clearing the way to the life you're ready to live."

          Are you ready? Yes I am Ready.

          Have you tried meditation? When and how do you meditate?

          To read the today's lesson, you can sign up for Curtis Rivers' Seven Paths to Freedom Course at

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