Monday, December 17, 2012

Seven Paths: Lesson 1

Curtis Rivers

Curtis Rivers wrote a book called Seven Paths to Freedom which will be out sometime next year. He also has a free seven day course with the same title. 

I thought this course may just be the ticket to help me on my journey to inner peace and happiness.

I am blogging about this because I want to share it with you in the hope to inspire those who also want to make some positive changes in their lives - who want to enjoy living life with passion, having the courage to transform dreams into reality. Even if you don't follow me, you can check out the site, Seven Paths to Freedom.

The title for Lesson One From Curtis Rivers FREE online course, Seven Paths to Freedom, is "What do you really want?"

At the end of the lesson, Curtis asks us to "Write down a list of just seven things that you REALLY want."

He then adds, "Avoid writing 'win the lottery' or 'marry a millionaire' - ask yourself, if money were no object, if you never had to work another day in your life, what would you do." Well, I'm sure that is what most people wish for and it doesn't go much further than that. I know the law of attraction doesn't work like that. We need to know exactly what we want and make the message clear.

I have pictured what I would do with a lot of  money but I have not imagined what I am actually doing.

Let's try again.

I see myself walking up to my house and into the front door. There is a large brightly lite entry way. I have a huge smile on my face. 

Faith, comes running up to me and gives me a great big hug. She is excited and tells me about what she did while I was out.

To my right is expansive sitting area and to my right is a staircase to the second level.

I continue walking to the back of the house and look around the kitchen. Nicole, Christina and Beth are there with their daughters baking cookies. They all look at me, smiling. My granddaughters are chattering away for me to look at what they are doing. I feel so blessed.

There are some white fluffy towels on the floor because the girls were swimming again. We have an indoor heated pool. I promise to go for a dip in the pool with them after supper.

I walk upstairs to my bedroom and change into some casual clothes. My room is so relaxing - a true retreat to unwind.
After taking a few minutes for myself, I work my way downstairs to my art studio/home office/rec room/exercise area.

 I check emails and stop myself there because it is the weekend and I promised my girls to spend time with them.

I look around and feel so grateful. I have large canvases holding paint that I put there. Someone has already bought that picture.

Over in the corner is a work station that my girls and I sit at and create all kinds of fun items. 

In the opposite corner is a area dedicated to exercising. Everyone in the family takes advantage of that space.

The walls are covered with pictures of my family and the trips we have been on. 

There are awards and letters of gratitude for my volunteer work at various charities. My daughters insisted on framing and hanging them. 

I go back to the kitchen and they are cleaning up. I look out the window at the four nearby houses that belong to Beth, Nicole, Christina and my Mom. 

I walk past the great room on my way out the patio door to the garden. Gary is sitting there with my son in laws doing whatever guys do.


My garden is huge and well groomed. We have all kinds of vegetables and flowers. My granddaughters love watching the plants grow. They love picking and eating the fresh veggies. The cucumbers are doing great this year.

Is that seven? Is that what I am suppose to do?

Let's recap:
1. Spend time with my family.
2. Volunteer my time for different causes.
3. Blog. Write.
4. Garden.
5. Paint.
6. Travel with my family.
7. Swim and exercise.

What was your interpretation of this assignment?

You can sign up for Curtis Rivers' Seven Paths to Freedom Course at

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  1. Sounds like a lovely way to live. Very similar to how I would like to live the rest of my life.


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