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Make Your Pics Pinteresting - Part Two - Remove Background

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This is part two of a series where I explain how to use Word to manipulate your photos to make them Pinteresting. Or really just for fun.

If you missed last week’s post please click HERE.

As a recap:
I’ve read quite a few blog posts lately with instructions for PicMonkey. It seems to be very popular with most bloggers.

I personally haven’t used it. When it comes to photos or images, Microsoft Word and Paint have all the features I need.  I’ve used these programs for a lot of years so I was glad to be able to find a laptop that at least had the Starter version already installed.

So, for all those bloggers out there who also have Word and Paint, or are considering getting those programs, I am going to show you what they can do.

Today we are removing the background from a picture.

There are several reasons you may want to get rid of a pictures background or actually change it. Maybe there are too many distractions from your center of interest. Maybe you want more impact or less.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll have a reason to get rid of it. So here we go.

Insert a Picture 

Click on the Insert tab then on the Picture icon. Find your picture and insert.

This is the picture I’ll be working with.

Remove Background

Select your photo by clicking on it once. 

You will see a new tab appear at the top of the page that says Picture Tools and Format.

In the left corner is the Remove Background button. Click on it.

Your photo and screen will look like Diagram 3. 

You will need to make a few adjustments to customize your photo.

As you can see I need to remove some areas and add some in.

I start by pulling the frame of the picture out to the edge of the photo as seen in Diagram 4. 

Now you will mark areas right on your picture that you want to keep and other areas to discard. 

Look at the top left of the window. There are plus and minus signs. 

Click on the plus sign to add more areas to keep. Then click on the area you want to keep on your photo.

Do the same with the minus sign.

Diagram 5 to see the plus and minus signs that I had to add to my photo to get the areas I wanted removed.

Click anywhere away from your picture to see what it looks like. 

If you need to make adjustments then go back and click on the Remove Background button to remove or add to your picture. 

You can even delete a mark when you have to.

Now what? You have no background. There are a couple of things we can do. 

Add a Border

The first is to put a border around the picture – it looks a little weird right now.
  • Click on your picture to select it.
  • Click on the Picture Tools Format tab.
  • You have loads of options here.
    • Picture styles. I’m just selecting the simple black frame for now. See Diagram 7.
    • Picture Borders. See Diagram 7 & 8.
      • Color
      • Weight
      • Dashes
    • Picture Effects. See Diagram 8.

    Insert a Background

    Oh boy. Look what I did. I was only going to show you how to remove the background in your photo but I have also showed you how to add a new background and add a border. Sorry about that. Maybe next time I will be able to keep to the topic that I choose. No wonder it takes me so long to write a blog post. I go over board with the information.

    Was that too much info for one post?

    Well that's it for this week's tutorial. Next week I'll show you how to add text to your image.

    What program do you use?


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