Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When The World Says Give Up . . .

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Not too long ago I wrote a post about my granddaughters' perseverance when learning a new skill. 

I asked this question, "What could we accomplish in life if we still had that kind of determination?"

If you missed it, you can read it HERE.

Anyways, I thought it might be nice to make a printable that expresses the kind of determination and perseverance that a child possesses.

I am hoping that this quote can inspire and remind us all that we can achieve the unbelievable as long as we remain steadfast in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement.

Free Printable with Quote about Determination


I have been featured. Yahooo! I am so happy and honored to be chosen.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Stacey from Along Came Life chose to feature my post, When The World Says Give Up . . . 

This is what she had to say, “This is so true, sometimes we parents have so much that weighs us down, that we might be quicker to just give up or not do something. When maybe if we tried that one more time to achieve our goals, because perseverance pays off. My kids have proven it so many times, while trying to master, even something as simple as a video game, they learn that if they keep trying they will eventually master that level.”


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  1. That's a terrific saying! Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

  2. Love it! Very inspirational for this time of year!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesdays! We love having you! :)

  3. So cute and inspirational!
    Thanks for linking this to Think Tank Thursday. I hope to see you again today. http://saving4six.com/2014/01/welcome-to-think-tank-thursday-62.html

  4. Hi Your new Fan Maria from Simple Nature Decor loves your blog, its very different and beautiful.

    How do you like doing link parties, I think Im going to try to to some this year on my own blog, I have co hosted many but never had my own. Do you like it. I mostly write about decorating and crafting. Take Care and this is a great post.

  5. Not sure if you got my last comment, but I dont think it went through in any event. I wanted to tell you how inspiring and that I love your blog its quite beautiful.

    Do you like to do the links party. I'm thinking of doing them. Let me know if you think its worth my while. I have done co hosting, but never my own.
    Take care Maria

  6. What an interesting blog you've got! I'm a new follower through GFC. Hope that you'll follow back - would be nice!


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