Sunday, April 13, 2014

Make a Chalkboard Printable in Minutes

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Chalkboards are still popular. I've made a few printables myself. I thought you may like to give it a try yourself. 

So I'll show you how I make them in word.

But first I will share a few images of my work so you can get a general idea of what we will be concentrating on today.

Blackboard Printable
The Post is HERE.
Blackboard Printable
The Post is HERE.
Blackboard Printable
The Post is HERE

Obviously we need to start with a blank chalkboard. I just so happen to have found one right HERE

Insert the blank chalkboard image into word. If you would like the instructions for inserting an image please click HERE.

Blank Black ChalkboardAdjust the image to fit an 8" x 10" standard sheet of paper or whatever size you want it to be.

Next we add the text of the quote by inserting a text box and typing in your quote. For instructions on inserting a text box and text please click HERE.

Go ahead and type the whole quote in. Now highlight the text and select your font. 

There are a few nice looking chalkboard fonts to choose from. If you don't have one on your computer it is simple enough to get one. You can Google it or check out my Pinterest page titled Fonts and Digital Images.

This one is pretty good. Check it out, I'm sure you'll find something you like.

Free Chalkboard Fonts

Lastly, you'll want to play around with the arrangement of the words.

Oh sorry. That's not last. The last part is saving it as a jpeg. 

Highlight the text and the chalkboard image. Copy. Paste into Paint. Crop. Save as jpeg with the title of your choice.

Tadaa! You're all finished your chalkboard printable. Wasn't that easy?


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