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Pinteresting - Part 3 - Adding Text to Your Photo

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This is part three of a series where I explain how to use Word to manipulate your photos to make them Pinteresting. Or really just for fun.

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Adding Text to Your Photo in Word


When it comes to photos or images, Microsoft Word and Paint have all the features I need.  I am familiar with these programs so I was glad to be able to find a laptop that at least had the Starter version already installed. Buying Office Premium is on my to do list.

Realistically though the program does not cost too much. Plus you can work on your blog off line which can come in handy if for some reason your internet is not cooperating with you.

So, for all those bloggers out there who also have Word and Paint, or are considering getting those programs, I am going to show you what they can do.

Today we are adding text to a picture. I think the techy term is add a layer.

So here we go.

Insert a Picture

Click on the Insert tab then on the Picture icon. Find your picture and insert.

This is the picture that I will be using.

Just give me a minute to remove the background and make it black and add a border.

Insert Text

Let’s add a few words.

Click on the Insert Tab at the top of the window.

Click on the icon that says Text Box.

Now you will have a few options to choose from but I just go right down to the bottom and click on Draw Text Box. Diagram 1.
Adding Text to Your Photo in Word

Your little pointer will look like a cross. So just right click and pull the mouse to make your text box. See mine in Diagram 2.
Adding Text to Your Photo in Word

Okay, think of something clever to write and type it in. Sorry, I’m not so clever. I`ll just write Peek a Boo.

Adding Text to Your Photo in Word

Format Text

I don’t want my text box to have a background so I need to change it. Click on the text box.

Go to:
  • Drawing Tools,
  • Format, 
  • Shape Fill,
  • No Fill

See Diagram 5.

Adding Text to Your Photo in Word

Because my picture background is black and the text is black you can’t see my clever words. I need to change the colour of the font.

Double click inside the text box to highlight the lettering. Go to Home. Select the colour you want. I’m picking white because it is a nice contrast to the background. See Diagram 6.

Adding Text to Your Photo in Word


Lastly you want the picture and text to act as one. Right now if you move your picture the text will stay right where it is. You need to group them.

Click on your picture. Hold the shift key with your left hand and click on the text box with the mouse. Now both picture and text are highlighted.

Go to:
  • Picture Tools Format,
  • Group
  • Group
No I did not stutter. Check out Diagram 7 to see exactly where you should be clicking.

Now you have successfully added text to your photo and grouped the two together. Congratulations. Now that wasn`t so hard was it?

Grouping objects in Word

Well that’s it for another week. 

Now you know how to add text to your picture. Oh, and you know how to group separate items. I guess you got a bonus this week. LOL. 

Until next time, best wishes, Darlene

You won't want to miss next week's post. I’ll have a tutorial ready for you about cropping pictures.


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