Monday, February 24, 2014

Make Your Pics More Pinteresting - Part 4 - Cropping

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This is part three of a series where I explain how to use Word to manipulate your photos to make them Pinteresting. Or really just for fun.

If you missed week one, please click HERE or week two - Removing the Background please click HERE. Week three – Adding Text, HERE.

As a recap:
When it comes to photos or images, Microsoft Word and Paint have all the features I need.  I’ve used to these programs so I was glad to be able to find a laptop that at least had the Starter version already installed. Buying Office Premium is on my list.

Realistically though the program does not cost too much. Plus you can work on your blog off line which can come in handy if for some reason your internet is not cooperating with you.

So, for all those bloggers out there who also have Word and Paint, or are considering getting those programs, I am going to show you what they can do.

Today we are cropping a picture. Sometimes there are elements in the photo that are wanted or needed and should be cropped out to focus on the important stuff.

So here we go.

Insert a Picture

Insert a picture. Click on the Insert tab then on the Picture icon. Find your picture and open.

This is the picture that I will be using.


I want to crop out the pink case from my picture.

Click on your picture to select it. When you do this a new tab appears at the top of the window that says Picture Tools, Format. Click on that tab.

Diagram 3 depicts the Picture Tools Tab. Look over to the far right. Do you see the Crop icon? Good. Now click on it.

Do you see the lines on the pictures corner and in the middle of each side. See Diagram 4.

In this example, it is pretty easy to remove the unwanted parts. I put the curser on the middle black lines and pulled the whole side over and removed all of the pink case. I did this to all four sides. You can still see the unwanted parts of the photo but it is greyed out. See Diagram 5.

Once you click somewhere on the screen away from the picture the greyed out section disappears revealing your newly cropped photo. See Diagram 6.

If you look at Diagram 6, you will see the other cropping options. You can crop to shapes. See Diagram 7.

That's about it for now. Those are the most commonly used cropping options.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help out.

Next week I'll show you how to make a collage of your photos.


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