Sunday, January 26, 2014

Join Me For a Coffee?

I love flowers. I love looking at flowers. I love taking pictures of flowers.

They are so pretty. Glorious and vibrant.

They always brighten my day. I don’t like to smell them – I have allergies. But I sure love lookin at them. Did I already say that?

Problem is I rarely take the time to enjoy them.

As I get older time flies by so much faster. And faster. And faster.

The days, weeks and months pass by and I can’t remember what I did with all that time. I need to slow down and enjoy the moment.

I’ve been doing much better – living in the moment that is.

I am always in the moment with my granddaughters. I smile. I feel my heart swell. My whole being sits in peace and joy.

I need to do this when I’m not with them too.

I thought you just might like to slow down with me. Just for a little white. And enjoy being present in the now. So let’s take a moment to stop. Look at the flowers. And just be. In the moment.

Grab a coffee and join me.

Ahh. What can I say. This Black Eyed Susan is stunning. The colour soaked petals pulling your eyes to the center where you can get lost in the minute details we would other wise miss.

I love the composition of this photo. My eye is drawn into the image on the bottom left flower then up to the center cluster of blossoms. I pause to enjoy the sun rays dance on the petals before I glance down to the bottom right flowers and back to the left where I began to repeat the whole process.

These delicate white bell flowers stand at attention all in a row but it’s the cluster in the foreground that demand you to stop and appreciate their beauty.

The colour of these flowers is just amazing. I tweaked the pictures just a bit to add warmth and make them stylized.

Are you still with me? Bored yet?

This flower makes me laugh. This little cutie is right smack in the middle.. Saying Hi. Look at me. I'm right here.. Smile.


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