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How Gratitude Changed My Life

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I'm actually feeling pretty excited today. I have a guest blogger here. Her name is Nicole Nemeth but she prefers to be called Cole.

If you haven't guess, Cole is my daughter. Isn't she beautiful? She is here to talk about gratitude and how it has changed her life.

Cole has her own blog. It's called Peace and Chaos.

Please give her a warm welcome. Yahhh Cole!


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Cole. I am a journalism student, and a mother.

I hope to be able to inspire, encourage and support other young moms. 

Life can be hard, and it can be much harder once you have a little one depending on you for everything, and even harder when you’re not quite independent yourself. Without my family and friend’s support I don’t think I would have made it even this far. 

But I believe we can have it all, and deserve the best for not only our children but ourselves, too.

I had my daughter Sidney when I was 17 with my boyfriend Nick. Over the past few years we have grown and matured a lot. Even through everything we’re still growing and maturing every day.

Chasing dreams, and achieving goals; my blog is about what it’s like to be a young parent through the struggles and successes we face every day.

Being a parent is the most difficult, and the greatest thing I have ever experienced.


Here is my gratitude story.

Gratitude is something I've been exploring for more than a year now. It's been a life changing experience for me and so I want to share how I first started learning about the benefits of gratitude and how it's helped me.

Last summer while I was working at an art studio I fell into a pretty bad depression. I had a ton of support from my co-workers, supervisors, friends and family but if you've ever experienced depression you know that other people just can't help you. 

I ended up seeing a doctor and got antidepressants which kept me neutral, but I wanted to feel happy, or even just content, not neutral. Sometimes neutral is worse than sadness, it's like you don't feel anything at all. You're just numb.

Finally, I realized that if I wanted to feel happy again I was going to have to do something about it.

So one day after work I went over to the public library and wandered around the self-help section. The first book to really jump out at me was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. 

I had heard about The Secret before. I knew there was a DVD, and my mom tried to get me to listen to the audio CD a couple of years before, but I had brushed it off. 

All of a sudden I found myself curious about it. Reading The Secret helped me to view life a little differently. 

Mind you, I don't believe that just thinking things will make them exist. I truly believe in working for things and such, but I took what it had said and applied it a little bit differently to my own life. I started thinking that things were possible.

But I needed more than that.

Then one day I came across another book by Rhonda Byrne called The Magic and it was exactly what I needed. 

This book talks a lot about gratitude! It's the reason I got into writing gratitude lists. It has 28 exercises for you to do in 28 days. Things like; writing gratitude lists, feeling thankful for what you do have and appreciating the people who are in your life.

For months I carried The Magic everywhere with me along with a journal and a pen. 

After I completed the 28 days I would still flip through my copy of The Magic whenever I felt I needed some inspiration, or if I was having a bad day. It was my reminder to feel grateful.

I used to be the most pessimistic person I know. I'm not even kidding!

Now I'm optimistic most of the time.

But learning gratitude can be really difficult for some people. At the beginning I felt like I would never be able to apply it to my daily life and I constantly had to remind myself to be grateful every time a negative thought popped into my mind, which was often. 

Now feeling grateful comes naturally.

Do you practice gratitude? Isu it something new, or have you been doing it for a long time?t

Thanks, Cole

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