Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why Purchase a Shipping Scale

I've made the decision to purchase a shipping scale for my Etsy shop. As of right now I don't have any shipping costs listed and this worries me. I'm scared that it will scare potential customers away because they don't know how much shipping will cost them. I'm scared that if I do post the shipping cost I will either charge too much, or too little and neither is good. 

A shipping scale will benefit me because it will save me time and money. I won't have to wait in line at Canada Post just to find out how much shipping will cost, and I won't have to guestimate how much it will cost with the (great) possibility of being wrong. 

I've actually just ordered a shipping scale off of ebay for $15 that can weigh items up to 75 pounds. You can get scales from 3 pounds, to 400 pounds. Even a simple kitchen scale could work for selling small items like jewelry. Since I'm dealing with a lot of housewares and home decor my items will have a range of different weights so I believe the 75 pound scale will be best. 

More to come on this later!


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