Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Seven Paths - Lesson 7

Your Wish is the Universe's Command
Lesson 7 is called Allowing.

If we continue to practice the instructions provided in the first six lessons, all that is left for us to do is allow. My interpretation of allowing is waiting. Waiting patiently leaving no place for doubt that your dreams and desires will materialize.

Doubt is our enemy because it will slow down materialization. And sustained doubt will stop our dreams and desires from coming into reality.

Easier said than done. Although the one thing that I have learned through my journey is - practice. If it doesn't come easily then you just need more practice until it becomes second nature.

I have placed my order with the Catalogue of the Universe. Now I am waiting for delivery!

Seven Paths to Freedom Summary

Lesson 1 - What do you REALLY want?
Lesson 2 - Planting Seeds in the Subconscious
Lesson 3 - Focusing the Image
Lesson 4 - Gratitude
Lesson 5 - Coincidence?
Lesson 6 - Taking Action
Lesson 7 - Allowing

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