Friday, January 11, 2013

Nine Reminders to be Grateful

Happy, Happy, Happy
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Gratitude Habit

If an attitude of gratitude is new to you, it may be difficult to remember to say thank you. Until it becomes a habit, I have found it helpful to surround myself with reminders.

1.) Gratitude Stone

My gratitude stone is a wonderful tool. It sits at the bottom of my purse so every time I dig around in there, I catch a glimpse of my stone, I smile and think "thank you".

At the end of the day, I dig out my gratitude stone and roll it between my fingers. I often close my eyes and review the list in my journal to decide which item I am most grateful for. Feeling grateful and happy as I drift off to sleep - sublime. It is a wonderful way to end the day.

2.) 16 Gratitude Practices to Find Happiness

This is a list of practices outlined in Rhonda Byrnes book The Magic. I have a copy of this list in a few conspicuous places and it give it a quick glance when I feel the need to remember some of the other ways to integrate gratitude into my life.

3.) Gratitude Key Chains

Gratitude Key Chain
Recently, I made this key chain that says HAPPY. You know I can't remember what made me think about making it. Weird. Anyway, I chose colours that I knew would make me feel happy. To me, happy means gratitude and vise versa so of course this chain is a fantastic reminder to be grateful. 

I feel grateful for my home as I unlock the door with my keys. I am grateful for my car as I unlock my car. I am grateful for my job as I unlock the office door. You get the picture. Think about how many times you take out your keys in a day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I made a couple of other chains. One says THANK YOU in square white beads with lettering in pink and green. Another one says SMILE in square white beads with multi-colour lettering. I think they turned out nice. I want to make one more, then I can give each of my daughters a keychain. Who wouldn't want a pretty dangling key accessory telling them to be happy? 

4.) Gratitude Book Marks

My wonderful daughter, Nicole loves to read. This is my gift to her and all you avid readers out there. Book marks. But also a reminder to be grateful and happy every time you open your book.

5.) Magic Check

I have my magic cheque posted on my gratitude board which hangs on the wall across from my computer desk. Every time I look up to contemplate my next sentence I can see it and say to myself thank you for the money. Money comes easily and frequently.

6.) Post Notes

I haven't used these as reminders yet but I have thought about it. If I am going through an especially difficult time I could use the extra reminders. I think something simple like Smile written on a sticky note in your favourite colour would suffice. I could put it on the mirror for an extra boost to start off the day. My family might even appreciate it. Smiles are contagious don't you know. Pass it on.

7.) Gratitude Buttons

I guess it would depend on your age, but gratitude buttons would look nice pinned to your knapsack, a favorite t-shirt, your shoes, or jacket.

8.) Printables

If you haven't checked out my printables page you should take a look. Maybe you will find something you'd like to hang in your home. You can check it out now then come back here to finish reading this post. It's okay. I wait.

I hope you found something to your liking. I have printables scattered throughout my home. Stick one on the refrigerator, frame one and put it your washroom or pin it up on your gratitude board. You could print a small version and place use it for a book mark either in the novel you are reading or in your gratitude journal.

You might not even like my printables. You may find an image with an inspirational quote on Pinterest that you prefer. That's fine too. Although I would be ecstatic if you loved my printables and pinned them. Yahoo.

I will be adding more printables over time so come back occasionally to see if one of those spark some interest.

9.) Gratitude Journals

The last reminder I am going to talk about today are gratitude journals. There are all kinds of ideas on Pinterest to inspire you when choosing your journal. Make it fancy or keep it plain. You could pick up a dollar store notebook and carry it around with you to write your list as you go through your day.

If you would like to see some journals here are some links to see what others are doing:

Well I hope you found this post helpful or least interesting. Making gratitude a habit may be a challenge but with a few reminders strategically placed can assist you on your path to inner peace and happiness.

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  1. These are all great suggestions! I really like the key chain and bookmark suggestions!

  2. Thank you so much. I think I will make some bookmark printables.


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