Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happiness Is .... Blowing Up a Balloon All By Yourself

When you were a child, almost everything was new. You were experiencing so many things for the first time. And when you accomplished something for the first time it was miraculous, exciting and rewarding.

It was the simple things in life that made you feel so good. Like doing a somersault or blowing up a balloon all by yourself. 

Little Girl Blowing Up a Balloon.

I watched my daughters try to blow up their balloons. For a long time they would send the balloon flying out from their fingers as they blew as hard as they could.

Yes they giggled because it was funny but it was also disappointing because they still could not fill up the balloon.

They were determined to blow up their own balloons. Then one day it happened. I don't know if the balloon was especially thinner or the girls lungs got stronger but low and behold they each were able to blow up their own balloons all by themselves.

Look everyone. Look what I can do!

Hooray! What an accomplishment. The joy. The pride. The ear to ear grins.

What could we accomplish in life if we still had that kind of determination?


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