Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Seven Paths - Lesson 2

This lesson from Seven Paths to Freedom by Curtis Rivers is called Planting Seeds in the Subconscious. Lesson two is pretty long. There is a lot of reading but is boils down to a couple of concepts: how to delete the barriers/negativity in your mind that prevent you from reaching your goals; and how we must empty our minds of all the day to day activities that are distracting us from our dreams.

"The only true way to change your future" he said, "Is to learn how to use your mind correctly in the present.

In order to use your mind as it was intended, you're going to have to learn how to quieten the mind - get rid of the noise, the internal chatter, and the constant distractions fighting for your attention.

The first step - is relaxation. Through relaxation and correct breathing, you can quieten the mind, ready to transform your life."

Excerpt from Lesson 2

I have tried to meditate in the past.   

Relaxing is not my problem. I can close my eyes and block out the sounds and commotion around me. I get so relaxed that I nod off and my muscles twitch. 

I  imagine a beautiful vibrant blue sky and the clouds drifting by. This image is immediately soothing because it brings back fond memories.

I can clear my mind for a few moments then a thought pops into my head. I shoe it away and get back to the meditating only to have another thought intrude.

I become annoyed with those interruptions and frustration overcomes my serenity. 

Blurry Image in my mind of my future home.
I of course am too hard on myself. Apparently everyone has the same difficulties when they first start to meditate. I just need more practice.

My other problem is the fact that I become annoyed with the interruptions when I really should "just let those thoughts drift by the screen of your mind, like you watch the clouds drift by over your head. They are not spoiling your view of that beautiful sky, they were not invited by you, but are just there, passing by - they just 'are'."

Armed with that helpful tip, I will try - no I will successfully meditate this evening before bed. And, I will add mediation, twice, on my list of daily routines.

To be honest, I never even thought to use meditation to quiet my mind to use the law of attraction. I use it to rid myself of stress, remove negative thoughts and regain my center - my happy place. Although, I can see how it would be helpful to enhance the law of attraction- after all it's about being clear isn't it.

Curtis Rivers says in Lesson 2, "We form a thought, we give it power, we intensity it in our minds, and we do so often. These are the first stages of creating the life of your dreams. These two aspects, of quieting the mind and forming a clear picture and feeling of what you want, are like the match lighting the kindling in a dry wood.

Over the coming lessons, I'm going to teach you how to fan those flames, so the small kindling fire becomes a raging, unstoppable forest fire - eliminating all self doubt, all perceived obstacles and fears, and clearing the way to the life you're ready to live."

Are you ready? Yes I am Ready.

Have you tried meditation? When and how do you meditate?

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