Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Make Your Pics Pinteresting - Part 5 - Make a Collage

Hi, this is the last of a five part series. 

So far we have learned how to:

  1. Format a photograph in Microsoft Word
  2. Remove a photograph's background,
  3. Added text to a picture
  4. Crop a photo.
And now we are creating a collage. Which actually is a great way to end the series because we will be using what we have already learned to complete this project.

So here we go.

Make Your Pics Pinteresting -  Part 5 - Make a Collage

Why would I want to make a collage?

The simplest answer is I need an image to represent my blog post and my post just happens to be a round up. 

Here is another example of a collage. Check it out HERE.

Do you have a few pictures in mind for your collage? I do. Insert your pictures. Do you remember how?

Format Pictures

I want all my pictures to be the same size. So I am cropping them to size. 

I also want a simple frame around each picture to give them a finished look. 

Creating the Collage

This is where you get to have fun and be creative.

Once I have all the pictures the same size with the same border, I place them together in the order that I want them to be.

Now I need to Group them. See the tutorial for grouping HERE.

For this collage I started with a grey background. I don't know what I was thinking. I am not a huge fan of grey so I switched it to blue. What was the purpose of the background? All the pictures are so different, I wanted an element to pull them together as one. This is created by inserting an object with no border filled in light blue.

Even with the blue background I was still not impressed. It looked humdrum. 

I changed the borders to white so they would pop instead of fizzle.

Then I deleted the hat picture and switched it up with a picture of my granddaughters wearing the hats. So much nicer looking at their pretty little smiling faces. Don't you think?

Oh, plus I made the girl's picture bigger to add more visual interest.

How is your collage coming along?

Don’t forget to insert your blog title and post title. 

See, so, finished. An expression my Mom uses.

So how did you like testing your knowledge from the four previous posts to put your collage together?

I hope your imagination is inspired because you now have the tools to make some very pinteresting images for your blog!


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