Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happiness is . . . Shopping?

Who loves to shop?

I do. I do. 


Okay, I'm sure there are a few out there that just dread going into a store but hey, I bet you're not one of them.

Oh what a happy day it is when I have some money in my pocket and nothing in particular to buy. No time limits, no kids distracting me or spouse asking me if I'm done yet. Just shopping for the sheer pleasure of it. Perfection.

So that's the ultimate shopping experience for me. It doesn't happen very often but when it does, I feel a little bounce in my step. What about you?

I also love finding a bargain. Time and a bit of perseverance and I find that perfect item at an unbelievable price. Now that's something that can make me smile for years.

That kind of happiness I need to share. So I am teaching my granddaughters at an early age the joy of shopping. LOL

Thrift Shopping

My girls love garage sales and thrift shopping. 

Talk about a bounce in your step. The girls literally run and skip through the doors with huge smiles on their faces.

They grab their baskets and race to the toy section with my Mom and me taking up the rear.

The girls fill up their shopping baskets with all kinds of stuff. Toys, books, shoes.

But the main fun for them is playing with all the toys.

Honey Bunny is wearing her favorite high heel shoes. They click when she walks.

We bought those at Value Village in the summer for $3.99. 

She still loves those shoes and wears them every chance she gets.

The girls sure love their shoes. And dresses.

Check out Honey Bunny's favorite dress. She feels like a princess when she wears it. 

In fact Baby Cakes loved this dress too. They took turns wearing it up until it was too stained and scary. They would still be wearing it if I didn't hide it.

I bought that dress at the Salvation Army for maybe six dollars.

Once I've had a chance to look through the store I call my Mom and the girls over to the shoe area which is also the same place that the purses hang out.

Dress up time!

So many shoes, so little time.

I sometimes think my granddaughters love the shoes and purses more than the toys.

Can't you image the conversation taking place here?

"I found this gorgeous purple purse with black feathers and now this awesome purple sparkly wallet to go with it!

"Cool! Check out this cute little wallet that I found."

"Oh my gosh! I love these boots! They have my name on them."

"Look at those black boot. I have to try those on."

"I feel good in these boots."

"Ta Daa!"

Happiness is Having Fun. Living in the Moment.


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