Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Smile and Pass It On

Rate the Smile

Some peoples smiles really light up a room. You know the ones who smile so big their eyes sqwish up. Then the laughter comes bubbling up. I'm sure a few images just popped into your head right now. Made you smile didn't I? 

Unfortunately my smile is not radiating. My teeth are crooked so I very rarely show them when I smile. My eyes do sqwish though. My Mom has a wonderful smile. My daughters' and granddaughters' all have beautiful smiles. The sunshine radiates from them. I see their smiles, my heart leaps with joy and I can't help but smile too.

Smiling is Contagious

Of course smiling is contagious. Someone smiles, then before you know it, someone else's pearly whites are flashing. And it feels so good doesn't it! 

Smiling is a Gift

So share your smile with everyone who crosses your path. 

It's a special gift and it's free. It doesn't cost you anything to spread the joy.

Smiling and Gratitude

Try this. Smiling while saying thank you:
  • Smile at cashiers when they return your debit card or pass you the change and say thank you. Don't forget to look them in the eye. 
  • Smile at the rude sales person and thank them for their time.
  • Smile at the stock person and thank them for showing you where the milk is.
  • Smile at your spouse and say thank you as they pass the potatoes at supper.
  • Smile and wave at the driver who lets you in through traffic and to the driver who honks their horn and swears at you.
The simple act of putting a smile on your face while saying thank you will uplift the spirits of the person on the receiving end. Sharing your smile with gratitude is an extra special gift and it doesn't cost you anything either.

Lift Your Spirits

Smiling has the power to improve your state of mind even when you feel there is no smile in you. I dare you to try this. Next time you are feeling sad or angry and you are having a difficult time smiling, force a smile. Or even better yet, picture the smiles of loved ones and feel the negative feelings melt away.

Hear The Smile?

Did you know people can hear you smiling when you are talking to them on the phone? Those if you who haven't heard of this, humor me. Smile and talk. Okay now stop smiling and talk. Can you hear the difference? I can and so can the person on the other end of the phone. They may even ask you why you are so happy.

Lead by Example

As I said earlier, my Mom has a wonderful smile. I remember her smiling more often than frowning. She just smiles. All the time. She says people must think she is a bit cuckoo because she walks around with a perma smile. She sure gets a lot of people saying hi to her and sparking up conversations.

When I am talking to my granddaughters, I smile. I hope my smile makes them feel good because Grandma loves them, appreciates them and feels happy to be with them. I also hope my girls learn to smile more often than frown.


How does your smile rate? When you smile can you feel the happiness and gratitude for that moment in life?

Does all this smiling talk make your feel happy, positive and refreshed? Better than frowning, right?

Thanks for stopping by. Smile and pass it on.

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