Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Road to Inner Peace and Happiness

Introduction to The Secret Written by Rhonda Byrne

I was introduced to The Secret about two years ago. My boss gave me his CD of The Secret. He was aware of the difficulties I was having at the time and thought I would benefit from its wisdom. 

As I was listening, I realized that I had been practising The Secret in various parts of my life up to about five years ago. I don't know what happened but I lost it somehow. 

I had to find my way back to inner peace and happiness. The Secret was a great tool to assist me in this endeavour. Unfortunately I found it difficult to maintain. I was all over the place with it. I faltered and failed.

Applying The Secret to Accomplish Three Goals

Then about six months ago I reread The Secret by Rhonda Bryne. There were two things that I wanted to focus on. Okay three. 

Goal #1

First, I wanted to become a positive person again. To do this I knew I had to make "count your blessings" a part of my daily routines.

I also wanted to integrate "Mindfulness" but that is a different topic all together.

Goal #2

Second, I wanted to lose weight so I could fit clothes off the rack. But most importantly, I wanted to be able to play with my grandchildren easier and to eliminate the health hazards associated with obesity so I could live long enough to see them grow up and have children of their own.

I had no set amount of weight in mind, I am five foot six inches and wanted to be able to fit a size 15 or better yet a 13.

Goal #3

Third was to elevate my family's standard of living. I am sure you have heard the saying, living pay cheque to pay cheque. Well we barely made it past the weekend and had to wait two more weeks for more money. The alternative was pay day advances. It became a vicious cycle that is hard to escape.

The Results

How did I do?

Results for Goal #1

Counting my blessings? Yes I do this but it hasn't become a part of my daily rituals. I fall off the horse and get right back on. As soon as I realize that I fell off. 

I think the best part is now I am able to stop and live in the moment which is part "mindfulness" and part "gratitude". 

For example, I sat out on the deck in the back yard this afternoon. I was grateful for the warm summer day, the sound of my granddaughters swimming and laughing in the pool, the fresh air filling my lungs with oxygen and a nice tall glass of diet soda within hands reach. Ahhhh. Life is wonderful.

I still battle with depression and anxiety. Hey what can I say? I am a work in progress and still in my learning curve. But overall it is getting better. I hope The Magic will help me integrate The Secret into every day of my life.

Results for Goal #2

Have I lost weight? Yes! It has been amazing. I am sure you are wondering how. I didn't diet. I didn't change what I eat. I didn't exercise more. Now you are probably wondering where is the catch. 

It was simple. Don't ask me how or why it worked. That would destroy The Magic. I believed. I envisioned myself already thin, happy and vibrant.

Every day, several times a day, when I was in an especially good mood I told myself, "I am getting skinnier every day." "I am so grateful that I am getting skinnier every day."

So far I have lost about thirty-five pounds. And counting. I feel great!

Okay, I have to tell you the secret, my interpretation of my magical weight loss. By saying "I am getting skinnier everyday" I think my brain somehow took that repeated message and told my body that it was already thin so I ate like a thin person, and acted like a thin person. 

I ate smaller portions but not because I consciously made that decision. Smaller portions meant eating more often and that prevented my blood sugar from spiking and dropping which in turn prevented urges for high calorie (carb) snacks like chocolate, chips or ice-cream.

I always feel satisfied so I don't over eat or eat out of boredom. I never feel like I'm starving which is great because when that happens I tend to quickly eat everything in the house.

I hope, I haven't ruined the magic - for myself. "I AM GETTING SKINNIER EVERYDAY!" 

Results for Goal #3

Our standard of living? YEEHAW! After a great amount of time and hardship we finally have a stable second income. Our household income has doubled.

I don't know if how much of that part had to do with The Secret. I do know that we have had a lot of financial assistance through friends and friends of friends.

I was complaining to Chelsea, I don't think The Secret is working. I don't see the money.

She said, sure you have. Your utility bills are all paid. Someone is giving you groceries.

Holy Cow! She was right! We are supposed to remember, anytime we receive something for free, we are receiving money. And if we get something on sale, we are receiving money. Coupons - money. Gifts - money. Freecycle - money ( 

I was receiving money and didn't even realize it. Now that I see it, I can be grateful for it and will receive it even more.

Introduction to The Magic written by Rhonda Byrne, Lisa

I think my daughter bought this book last week when we were out shopping. It was on sale. She couldn't pass up the bargain. (She was receiving money.)

She gave me a brief description of the book to me and I knew this is want I needed. I needed structure and guidance to incorporate The Secret / The Magic into every aspect of my being so I could have inner peace, happiness, and a fulfilling life.


There is magic in my life. I have seen it. My daughter Chelsea has seen it. I believe.

The Secret works. It has been proven to me. I believe. Now I am ready to apply it.

Will you join us in our journey? Are you ready to make your life everything it can be? I am!

Tomorrow is Day One.

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