Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Bureaucracy of WSIB

Workers Compensation

h the bureaucracy. I understand that the case managers have been given set guidelines to follow but some cases just don't fit neatly. Like my husband's case.

He thought he gave them everything they needed but still they would not allow his claim.

Our family doctor was the first to diagnose his PTSD. He referred my husband to a  physcologist  who confirmed that diagnosis. Then WSIB sent my husband to their  physcologist  who also confirmed the diagnosis. 

WSIB sent out an investigator to our house to interview us. He said this was a classic case of PTSD and saw no problems with the claim going through. He just had to speak to my husbands former supervisor and co-worker then he would get back to us. We waited a week then my husband called the investigator who told him they could not reach either of the two witnesses. We waited another week but still nothing and again nothing.

The Case Manager requested my husband's medical file. I don't know if that helped or not but she did say she believed he had PTSD however she would not allow the claim. She said she was doing him a favour by expediting it to appeals.

And so we waited.

It’s Been More Than a Year

es that is correct. It has been more than a year since my husband was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It has actually been one year and one month.

No treatment. No work. No money.

The never ending nightmare with no light at the end of the tunnel.

What are we going to do? 
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