Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whip Up This Simple Crochet Scarf

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A couple of weeks ago I shared a post called 

Whip Up This Simple Crocheted Hat In a Couple Of Hours. You can find it HERE.

I was checking the pictures of my granddaughters wearing their hats when I thought, "would you like a scarf with that?"

And so I found my next project.

I wasn't sure how to start the scarf. I did know that I wanted it to have the same stitch so that they would look like they belonged together.

Lucky for me, one of my granddaughters has another grandmother that crochets, who also has gifted Baby Cakes with a few crocheted items.

I took a look at one of the scarves and it hit me how simple this pattern is. 

First and second row of the scarf.

I started by making a chain that is approximately the length I chose the scarf to be. Keep in mind that you need to chain in multiples of four.

The second row starts with chaining two which counts as the first dc. 

Skip a chain.

dc in the next three chains.

Repeat skip a chain and dc three times until you get to the end.

The second row begins with four groups 3 dc in the open chain spot.

Continue the second row by making 3 dc in each open space until the end then sl st to join.

Look at the above photo to see how the third row is completed.

The last row is sc in each stitch.

Easy Peasy. All done. Next.  Two more to go.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope my instructions were clear enough.

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